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The whole problem is that Sony decided to call the RX1 a "cybershot" camera, and it has very little in common with the other cybershot cameras. And this is the "Sony Cybershot Talk Forum" so the RX1 users have nowhere else to go.

The RX1 probably should have been branded "Zeiss" since it has a Zeiss lens and it comes with a Zeiss pricetag. And if Sony did that, it would help them sell a few more of them. (Like all those Panasonic cameras that Leica calls "Leicas.")

One could make a strong case for renaming the Sony SLR/SLT Forum as the SLR/SLT/RX1 forum since that would separate the high end cameras from the middle range and budget models.

I think that DPR should start a new forum dedicated to Sony RX cameras, in the same way that Nikon has a forum dedicated to their 1 series.

The RX is an entirely different kind of camera compared to DSLRs and superzooms.


It seems that I made this exact same suggestion several times in the past and have received not much but heavy criticism for it, from the RX users. Why wouldn't they want their own forum? Let's hope the idea takes hold with the administrators.

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I also agree that a separate forum is necessary. And I would better like it as an exclusive RX1 forum, otherwise current forum posts are already for either RX1 and RX100 and then that zoom HX200 and a few R1 which are welcome. RX1 exclusive is what I wish.

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