Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

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Re: the "FLY" on the Ointment is that LAEA2 cost $300~400. Cheaper just to buy SLT DSLR

If you're comfortable you can buy used for under $230. I've just bought one new in box on ebay for $220. At that price I think it makes a lot more sense than buying a new Axx. You also need to consider that the EA2 will open up the whole A mount lens lineup for you and those lenses are actually quite cheap. For example the A mount 85/2.8 is really cheap (can be bought used in good condition for $225) but optically excellent. The coming E mount version will probably cost $500 or something. The budget telezooms (55-200 and the like) or superzooms (18-200 and the likes) are also much cheaper(under $300-400). Compare that to the variants of the SEL18200 which costs $700-900. They are quite good, esp for videos, but just too expensive for what they do (slow zooms with f6.3 at the long end). About the bulk, once you get to these lenses the difference between A mount lenses + LAEA2 and E mount lenses are minimal. One disadvantage I can think of with the former combination is lack of stabilization on some lenses.

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