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Re: If your D800 doesnt cut it...

Steve Bingham wrote:

t.c. marino wrote:

Reimar Gaertner wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

If your D800 doesnt cut it... spend it on a good book !

Some of the user base dont know how its AF system works.... and I dont think of those that

have real issues with the outer left AF point.....


No need for insults.

I'm not a retard - I'm a full-time photographer who knows how AF systems work. In my opinion, even with the required +17 AF fine tune setting my camera now needs, AF consistency is just not reliable in any of the outer AF points. Even the center ones occasionally inexplicably miss. I think Nikon can do better.

i agree,my new d600 continues to impress me with its stellar image quality..but the af system is hit or miss...so unreliable that manual focus is the only way that i shoot with it...its back at nikon ..again,my old d300s/d700 Much,MUCH better af systems....my ancient nikon f100 with “only"5 af points wayyy better than the new generation af cameras...including d4..flame on...jesus christ my old f100 and f5 were lights out with their simpler AND faster af systems...for those here that still have the f100 or f5 compare af speed of new generation nikons with the old f100 and f5

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. . . your problem. Not the camera's. Sorry. You will get better.

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Steve Bingham

fair enough steve,i respect your opinion..in my opinion many of the new generation nikons do have af problems..including my new d600 that can't out af my old f100.. not even close.nikon shooter since the 70's.BTW took a peek at your gallery steve..very impressive images.happy shooting.some samples from old d300s pictured below

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