Product Photography Lighting Question

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Re: Product Photography Lighting Question

Hi Darrell, You pretty much pegged exactly what the Ego lights are. They have a couple of 27 watt CFLs (supposedly equivalent to 120 watts apiece) in each and are continuous.

I was thinking of staying with continuous for this setup.

I see there is an inexpensive soft box light stand in two different sizes here (I'm not affiliated with the seller):

They seem to be sold by different vendors. About $24 for the smaller one and $26 for the bigger one is the best price I've found.

I'm sure they are not pro quality but might work since they won't ever be moved or adjusted.

Then an inexpensive softbox with a continuous single or array of CFLs (same as the ones in the Ego lights) would be attached to that.

Just a thought.

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