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Re: thoughts after using EM-5 and GH3

Edward Rauschkolb wrote:

I strongly recommend that EVF naysayers, some time (more than that available even if one is lucky enough to see one at a local camera shop) becoming accustomed to actually using one of the better ones such as found on the EM-5, GH3 etc., , you may be surprised.

In any cased, my point is, that an E-6 or OMD pro, sized about that of the GH3 (which in itself is only about the size and weight of the EM-5 + horizontal grip) with like sized controls. weather sealing (and perhaps some control locks) and the improved sensor/IBIS which COULD actually focus native 4/3 lenses would serve my needs and I suspect many others.

I also suspect such a camera would cause those who have moved to m4/3 from other systems or moved up from P&S, to consider buying native 4/3 lenses for their special needs, re-invigorating this lens market. Personally I have been considering "investing" in a refurb 90-250 before the prices begin to reverse.

I continue to wait for an Oly pro version OMD or E6 with either an optical or EVF. I think it is closer to reality now and is extremely likely to occur. Such a camera would simply add over 15 additional lenses to the micro 4/3 system making both the m4/3 system and native 4/3 glass more attractive.

just my $0.02


Good points, Ed.

I find it a bit frustrating that this stark line has now been drawn by some between mFT and FT, this despite their using essentially the same sensor and the difference really boiling down to EVF vs OVF, ability to fast AF FT lenses and size.  On the former, getting better with each generation, on the latter, mFT can be made whatever size best meets the needs of various user groups.  On AF of FT lenses, clearly Olympus is not blind to the need for this and working away on finding a solution.

I agree in particular with your last paragraph, on the money for me.  My $0.02 !

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