Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

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Re: One mans "fly" is not another every mans "fly"

007peter wrote:

Those dog shots are stunning, I'm impressed with what you achieve with a LA-EA2 on Sony NEX. But my euphoria was short lives, when I discover that:

  • LA-EA2 cost $399.99 retail (; cheapest is $279 by B&H
  • factor in the cost of buyin $XXX A-mount Telephoto lens
  • factor in the increase in SIZE, BULK, WEIGHT of the entire package.....

The Pink Elephant in the room is that is it simply CHEAPER, FASTER, and SMALLER just to buy a Separate Sony A33/A37/A55/SLT for sports action shoot. This way you get the true 8 ~ 10fps without compromises while keeping a smaller "overall" package size.

Understanding your point and its always good to consider that, but you probably agree that is a matter of perspective or opinion.

Here is mine:

1. The adpater is available many places under $300, what SLT am I going to buy for that much?  For the money I saved I can put it towards another Lens or not spend it.

2. The Nex+L2 is much smaller than any SLT. If I am traveling and want to bring my pocketable Nex while I walk the streets, but also my want the option to use the PDAF-C for action for other activities later on; which is smaller to add to my camera bundle the L2 or a whole SLT and its charging system etc?

2. Keeping the above in mind, the L2 will allow for most any A-mount Manolta/Sony lens to work on the Nex, and if that lens has a good AF system it will work great with the PDAF on the L2.

3. Who says you have to use a "expensive zoom" for PDAF-C? You can use any lens that has a good AF drive. If you want a Zoom, I'm afraid yes, you are going to have to pay for it no matter what and yes they can be expensive and in my case there are no 400mm E-mounts. The Sigma 120-400 with OS was a no brainer @ $900

4.Sorry I dont get the "speed" thing, how much more am I going to gain when shooting 8~10fps with an A33/37/55?

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