Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens with the 7D

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Re: Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens with the 7D

ktownbill wrote:

Sovern wrote:

My biggest pet peeve with the 50 1.8 is its focusing inaccuracy's You can set the focus point to center point and shoot the same shot 5 different times and maybe only 2 of your shots will be tack sharp in focus (or at least this has been my experience and many others experiences).

I'd save up your money and get the Canon 50 1.4. It's basically the 85 1.8's little brother from what I've read and i will have much better build quality than the 50 1.8.

The 50 1.8 is more of a lens for beginning photographers in my book that want to see if they like primes or not.

After 50 1.4 the 17-50(55) would probably fit any of your other needs.

If the 50 1.4 is still too expensive I'd just get the 40mm 2.8 pancake.

To the OP......Soverns advice is the best response so far in this thread. The 7D is the finest crop sensor out there and it isn't cheap. Would you put $50 tires on a 911 Porsche? Essentially that is what you would be doing.

Besides Soverns advice of getting the Canon f/1.4 I would suggest the 85f/1.8 because crop cameras are crippled when it comes to narrow DoF. The Canon f/1.8 is very inexpensive and is much sharper wide open than either of the 50mm lenses are.

Beg or borrow or wait it out. Get a better lens. You own a 7D!


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I agree with this. The Canon 85 1.8 is my favorite lens on my 40D but you need good hand holding technique to get tack sharp shots (something that is important to develop anyways) as it becomes essentially a 136mm lens on crop body.

Canon 85 1.8 is probably Canon best non L prime and is the crop bodys version of the 135F2L.

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