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Hello friend,

I just bought the Zykkor MC Auto 28mm F2.8 Canon FD mount from a local old photo studio for $40 totally mint condition with no dust speckles or fungy as if it was never used.

I uploaded a gallery so you can see what it can do.

The first photo is f4.5 handheld at iso 800 on my Sony Nex3 at shutter speed 30

The 2d is a pumpkin at shutter speed 0.6" iso 200 F22, I leaved the camera on top of the table, this image is at full 14mp if you need to review, the center is as sharp as my Tacumar 50mm F1.4, the corners no so much. If you ask why isnt all sharp through the back, its due to the pumpkin being at 40cm so the hyperfocal was way far from my focus ring setting.

The 3rd is from the studio I bought it from, pretty sharp mostly if you ask me, the corners look blurry  since the wall wasnt perfectly aligned to the camera.

Mini review

So far, I was looking for a 28mm f2.8 that had:

1 Very soft and precise focus ring

2 Metal build, this one has plastic focus and aperture ring but the the rest is metal

3 Small, no bigger than my Tacumar 50mm f1.4

I had the FD adapter for a Canon 50mmf1.8 with fungy so I needed something else for it. I tried an Canon FD 28mm F2.8 but the build felt very cheap, the focus ring was too fast and the sharpness was not as good as the Zykkor. For $40 I think it nails it pretty well in sharpness, I bought it for people group portraits so corner softness isnt an issue. It does have less Corner softness than the SEL 16F28 or but more than SEL1855.

Vignetting can be fixed at lighroom with +3-+5

I´m happy with it.

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Here to help, always.

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