Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: The 3 Olympus Micro Four Thirds Lines

Everdog wrote:

PEN - E-Px, E-PLx, E-PMx - old PEN style

OMD - E-Mx - Retro Film camera look

E - new DSLR style hybrid

Olympus does not have that DSLR style camera with integrated flash and large grip like the GH3 yet. That will be the new "E" series that looks just like the old "E" series, but will use M43 lenses and 43 lenses with an adapter.

As long as it focuses my lenses as fast as my E-3 did, with better CAF (not that I use it, i am simply wishing that for others) at the very least... I will buy it.

There are a lot of areas they can make it stand out, better video... Look at what panasonic can do with the GH2, better connctivity (mic in headphones out tethering)... Hey maybe even get exciting, add some tilt and shift to the sensor control so we can tilt the sensor or shift it... Throw in an automatic lens calibration setting to save me pixel peeping and tweaking and testing (using CDAF and PDAF)...

Just having some fun. I need a new body for my 43rds lenses... and I spend way too long looking at E-5s and E-30s online... just gimme that new body.

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