I was waiting for something like this to happen

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G. Gray
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Re: I was waiting for something like this to happen

zs_pl wrote:

Marcamera wrote:


The craze continues, but no, shooting ranges are safe.

Now, let's hear you "cars kill people" again, G.Grays and others .


Yes , I agree with You "cars kill people " theme tell a lot about some people ......

But , to be honest , I pray for this man soul , but don't be ungry for world that

sailors die at sea, in the air- pilots, drivers on the road . You know what I mean -

I cry more for children killed at school more than for "electrician killed in electricity distribution"

But to resolve my bad English knowledge problem - I pray for this sniper soul.

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That is the best answer I have seen on this forum for a long time

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