Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

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Re: Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

Pal2012 wrote:

dpyy wrote:

Pal2012 wrote:

I can only share that AF-C works very really well with the LA-EA2 using PDAF that performs as well as the SLT cameras.

As far as low light, I had great performance shooting about 400 of these shot near Sundown with an overcast sky in early September:

Nex5+LA-EA2+Sigma 120-400mm handheld:

Wow I think that pretty much just sold me on it. Do you know how dark before the PDAF starts to fail? When you say Sundown how many stops below is it from the posted photos?

Also, what settings did you use to catch those cars? AF-C with normal continuous shooting mode?

I dont know exactly, haven't shot in that situation yet. Sorry not understanding the 2nd part of the first question???

Yes Continuos shooting, P mode, spot metering and exposurecomp was +2.7

AF-C or AF-S?

I guess my second question is, low light doesn't affect EA2's PDAF like the way it does with NEX6's on sensors PDAF right?

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