New sensor tech coming from Panasonic

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Stephen McDonald
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One of Many Bright Ideas That Often Fade

With all the emphasis on better colors in dim light, you wonder how it would affect the most important photography, that is done in good to excellent light. How would it affect the overall sharpness of images taken in more ideal conditions? Would light-deflection be efficient at using photons coming in at wider angles? Usually, when one aspect of imaging is greatly improved, there are sacrifices in other areas. Although I often take shots in dim light, the most important thing I consider in a camera, is how it does when conditions are ideal. One brilliant photo that is the best in all ways, is worth more than a hundred good ones, that were extracted from poor conditions.

If this was such an improvement, why are they talking about it in terms of abstract and future applications, instead of introducing it in an actual and superior camera? Lots of what might seem to be great ideas are presented in such ways, as the developers know that they will never be implemented. There's a major industry in planning projects that will never be built

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