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My problem with B&H, resolved.

Not sure why my original thread was blocked, but in fairness wanted to post an update-

Have received an email from Henry Posner, B&H's Director of Corporate Communications. He sounds very sincere.... Was willing to offer me a new viewfinder for the used price and has refunded the shipping charge. It does mean something to me that an upper manager took the time to get involved. Enough that I am willing to consider B&H in future purchases. To me it's also a good sign that so many posters have come to their defense.
Anyway- what happened to me happened. I made an effort to only present facts and not elaborate beyond that. Hopefully, this will help B&H and their customers in some small way. I don't make a habit of "bashing" companies, but at this particular moment in time I wasn't willing to just "roll over" and let someone else walk over me. Check all my other posts on other forums if you want and see if I ever complained about any other bad service. I try to live by the Golden Rule and it just seems that lately most people don't give a crap about anyone else and it really makes me mad....
Thank you, Mr. Posner, for making me feel like a valued customer. I do appreciate your efforts....

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