X20 Photo Gallery. Any Thoughts On Image Quality?

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Joel Stern
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Re: Why The Rush?

Trevor G wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

jimr wrote:

Waiting eagerly...

Thx Jimr, I really want this one to be special, as it seems you do as well.

Put me in there also.

Reality suggests that there will be issues of some sort - every camera manufacturer has issues.

Currently Nikon have serious issues with the D600 which are still not solved (oil spatters onto the sensor every 200 shots or so for many people, requiring a wet clean) and the D800 focus points, which are finally being solved, it would seem.

These are $2000 and $3000 cameras. The X20 is set to sell at $599 so failings should not be seen as final or calamitous until so proven. Even then, because what man produces is not perfect, there will always be inadequacies which we will have to endure until the next model.

I am just impressed that I can buy a new toy as often as I can do at this stage...

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Trevor G
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It seems whenever a new model, especially one this difference is going to launch there is a rash of negative posts. waiting is the perfect plan, then buying  

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