Size: GRD IV + GV-2 vs X-E1

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Re: Many thanks!

Archiver wrote:

I love the GXR as a mirrorless Leica lens solution. The Voigtlander 15mm, especially the old screw mount version with M-mount adapter, is a wonderfully compact wide angle street camera. Zone focus and you virtually cannot go wrong. The Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 is a dream of a lens on the GXR, too. It's not the fastest to go from shot to shot, but the files are superb and the ergonomics are wonderful.

The GRD III is in my pocket all the time, regardless of what other camera I have with me. It's the camera I carry when I'm 'not carrying a camera', too. I'm really looking forward to the next GRD, as I cannot imagine it not having significantly better image quality and speed, making a super camera even better.

I've been eyeing the VC 15mm as well, along with perhaps the CV 21mm f/4 or the 25mm f/4.

They do look perfect for the street, I previously had the Pentax DA 15mm f/4 and the DA 21mm pancake, and sold it for the X-system since I thought I'd rather have the faster Fuji lenses, and work with the on-screen DOF scales of the Fuji XE1, but unfortunately, I found it didn't really work for me, I really much prefer distance and DOF markings on the lens barrel.

And agree about the GRD, which is why I've decided that it will be an exception to my one-camera-only rule, and get the GRD regardless of whether I keep the XE1 or get a GXR M. I find that even with the relatively small size and virtually meaningless weight of the XE1, it's still not an 'everyday-carry' for me. I still have to have the "go-out-and-shoot mentality" in order to bring it with me. The GRD will come with me all the time, even if not going out specifically to shoot.

I was hoping on using the XE1 for M glass, since it would have been nice to have M glass for street, and still have the AF Fuji lenses when I needed the AF (not to mention better for my wallet since I already have it) ; but I've read that nothing beats the GXR with wide M glass, especially the likes of the VC 12/15/21, so it'll likely be the GXR for me.


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