Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

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Re: Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

Yep. I have a 7900 and when I described my clogging problem to Epson Support, they told me that it sounds like I need a printhead. When I called Decision One who services the printers, they told me that Epson recommended a parts list which totaled $1,580 ($1,200 for the head alone) plus $100 travel cost and $175/hr labor. Don't know how much ink will get flushed down the drain in the repair process so that's an unknown $ amount. Quick math says the repair would probably run about $2,000.

Any one buying a X900 printer should definitely get an extended warranty. Also, you _need_ to read that long thread on Luminous Landscape that was mentioned previously in this thread, it mentioned that as the wiper blade gets coated with ink, it spreads some of that thickened ink on the head and can cause clogs so there's a link to a video that shows you how to replace it yourself.

BTW, I saw that too many cleanings are not a good idea. In 2011, I had Decision One out to replace the capping station and when asked about recommendations to avoid clogging, the tech told me to run a cleaning cycle once weekly. Didn't do that but think it's interesting...

My 7900 thread over at Luminous Landscape is here:

in case you want to read what people said there.


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