Product Photography Lighting Question

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Product Photography Lighting Question

Hi everyone!

I am an amateur photographing relatively large surfaces often with a glossy finish such as LP record albums.

I have two Lowel Ego lights sitting at the front edge of a white sweep background.

I place the item near the back of the sweep and shoot it.

The lights are fairly close to the object (within 6" to 1' away) due to space constraints.

I end up with unevenly lit subjects where the middle of the object is properly lit and the edges are over exposed because they are closer to the lights.

I find angling the Ego lights to cover the front more evenly leaving just enough space between them for the lens helps but it's not a perfect solution.

Also, the Ego lights, if you are familiar with them, have two CFLs about in the middle, so taller items (such as the LPs) don't have as much light toward the lower and upper edges in particular as they should and yet a bit of wash out in the middle especially toward the edges.

My question is, would a soft box suspended over and slightly in front of the subject on a boom solve these issues by filling out the darker patches?

Thanks in advance for your 2 cents on this.

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