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Re: Einstein 640 + CyberSync questions

Michael Fryd wrote:

Sort of. The Einsteins talk back to the CyberCommander. The CyberCommander can query all the Einsteins within range and add them to the setup. Bees connected to CSR(B)+ receivers have to be manually entered into the CyberCommander's configuration. Once everything is programmed in, the same information is displayed for both Bees and Einsteins.

Got it. Manually entering the receivers would not seem to be that big an issue.

The CSR+ and CSRB+ receivers allow you to adjust power levels of the Bees from a CyberCommander. You can adjust main power, modeling light power, and turn the modeling light on/off.

There receivers come with a sort telephone style cable that plugs into the remote control jack on the Bee. If you want to be able to remotely disable lights, you will also need a dummy 1/8" plug inserted into the sync input on the Bee.

When setting up your CyberCommander you need to manually tell it what model Bee you have, and which modeling light you are using (60W, 100W or 150W).

Certain remote functions available with the Einstein, do not work with the Bee. These include:

  • Remote power-up/power-down
  • Switching between action mode and constant color mode
  • remote enable/disable of optical slave trigger

Thanks much for the detailed explanation! Exactly what I wanted to know.

If you are dedicating the receiver to be used with a Bee, I recommend the AC version over the battery version. The AC version connects inline with the Bee's power cord. You already have power for the Bee, so no extra wiring is needed. With the Battery version you need to change the batteries every once in a while.

We do have a Vagabond II portable power supply. I see on their site that this unit is being phased out, apparently in favor of their newer lithium models. I had been thinking of going wireless with one light, but your point that we would already have power to the other Bees makes sense. We're also looking at a track/rail type system for the lights so that might make the wireless route w/ battery less practical.

Be aware that the CSR+ ad CSRB+ receivers are not as elegant as the Einstein's receiver. The CSR+/CSRB+ receivers are bigger, and dangle off the Bee connected by a telephone cable (and possibly a power cable)

Right, but FAR more elegant than the spaghetti like concoction of phone wires we tried to set up with their LG4X remote. Pretty much retired that after the first couple of uses.

They do work as advertised. Once you have the system set up, It's as easy to control a Bee as an Einstein.

I do recommend that you place large labels on each receiver with their channel number. This makes it easy to keep track of which light is which.

Thanks again Michael for explaining everything so thoroughly! I think it makes sense to go with the Cyber devices then if things progress well, perhaps phase out the Bees for the Einsteins over time as things develop.


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