looking for cheap full-frame lenses

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Re: looking for cheap full-frame lenses

The 28-105 is one of the few Nikkors I would not recommend. It's a small, inexpensive, light zoom with a range that covers everything from wide angle to portrait. But it is unsatisfyingly soft at all focal lengths, and while it improves stopped down (best at 5.6) it never really gets sharp. It should be critically sharp at f/5.6 to f/8 at some FL, but isn't at any. Trying to sharpen images from this lens in post is fruitless.

The sample I had (new), and returned also was highly intolerant of filters. I had a high-quality UV filter that was utterly "transparent" on other lenses, but caused noticeable loss of image quality on this lens. The same thing happened with a circular polarizer.

Maybe I had a bad sample, but many others reported image softness too.


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