Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

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Re: Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

captura wrote:

Try this: Turn on your super-menu (sorry, Olympus terminology) by clicking on the upper-north button on the control ring. Black & white menu.

(as an aside: this is always a good place to park my camera while waiting for the next photo-op because it stops 99% of battery drain, nothing going through the sensor. )

With supermenu bl & wh on, click Fn button. Now toggle through left /right buttons on the control ring. My battery died, oops. There should be a way to put P/S/A switching as one of the 6 choices available here using the Fn button...

OK, I'm back in business but not clear where I'm heading with this. I should have said I am using a 5R which is the same for this as a 6. There must be a way to employ this Supermenu to make any change possible directly from this b&w menu the same as on my E-PL1. I'm pretty sure of it.

Another thing of course is to select P on the mode selector and then on the view screen, use one of the control wheels to adjust the dual dial of shutter speed vs f-stop to your liking. Nothing new here but difficult to use in direct sunlight.

I don't think Sony really optimized how these dual dials operate on this camera. There is a lot redundancy.

Oh well I tried.

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