Can the E5 keep up?

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Barry Stewart
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Re: It works for me in a high school gym

Hi Mr. Stiles.

No RC mode. I have the manual setting on the camera probably 1/3 to 2/3 of a stop underexposed.

I have my Flashwave radio sender in the shoe and a manual setting of 1/16th or 1/32nd power on the flash. With such a low power, I can get multiple shots in a series and the flash can keep up. I play with the ISO as well, to get things in the ballpark. 1/320th shutter synch is good, as it helps freeze the motion blur as much as possible. There's still ambient light in there, which would register a blur.

It's not FP mode. I've tried that before and things seemed blurry to me. The flash is putting out micro-bursts in FP, so any motion gets recorded as a mini-strobed blur, I find. No, this is one click over posted synch speed, which is possible on all Oly cameras I've used — when using a non-dedicated or non-connected flash. You can trick an Oly flash in the shoe by taping over the TTL pins. Even in "manual," an Oly flash in the shoe will think it can't go past the posted synch speed. It can. Even two clicks past, the curtain shadow doesn't mess up much of the shot and can be trimmed off. (Keep this in mind for beach shots, where you need fill lighting but high-ish shutter speeds.)

I also use 2nd curtain on the flash setting, to record any blur in the right direction.

But hey: I'd like to shoot in some of that filtered window light that Manny has. Nice shots!

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