DEATH,,, Where dose the spark go?

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Re: Where are we now?

Morris Sullivan wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

Morris Sullivan wrote:

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Morris Sullivan wrote:

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Don_D wrote:

To me there is a bigger question:

One of my favorite quotes:

'Where do we go when we die?' said Billy.

'I don't know', the old man said, 'Where are we now?'

.....Cormac McCarthy

Think about it please...

To me it is more logical that there is just a nothingness, a void.....but here we are....and our little brains cannot begin to understand why..... really why....not just all the knowledge that we know, big bang, universe, all that.... but really why and where are we? why are we aware?

Thinking about it is fine. Making up stories to explain it is not. The answer to your question may never be known.

KEV will now jump in and dismiss all of this as nonsense, but he cannot explain it either.... it's more than chemicals and shutting off a car engine. ...and I don't believe in a personal God... and it's NOT about wishful thinking or faith.... but just think, really think about it.

As I said, go ahead and think about it. But right now, at our current stage of development, it is not "... more than chemicals and shutting off a car engine." We certainly want it to be more, but we have no evidence that it is.

Can you move Mount Everest by yourself? How much time will you devote to contemplating such an action? What you are trying to do is greater than moving Everest.

I don't think the suggestion is to "think about it" for the purposes of answering the question, but more likely to contemplate how much we don't know and put some perspective on what we think we know.

It's not about moving Everest, as much as understanding how big Everest really is.

Everest yes, because it is here and you have the tools to see it and touch it. You do not have the tools to see and touch God. God did not give you the necessary tools to know him except as you know Tinkerbell.

Einstein spent years thinking about things which he didn't have the tools to see or touch. Who knows what the future holds. Try to explain an iPhone to someone 1000 years ago. Our current state will surely seem very primitive 1000 years from now.

Very true. But Einstein did not state his conclusions as fact but as theory.

Ok maybe I missed something. I was responding to your reply to Don. I don't think he suggested anything was fact. He just suggested to "think about it".

Looking back he did say we weren't just chemicals, but I think he was more expressing his feelings rather than stating fact. He also stated that we couldn't understand, so I don't think he was implying that he had it figured out.

Figured out...Certainly not....but we can form some questions that although we may not be able to answer fully, will help along the path to a better understanding.

Future generations would prove or disprove those ideas. God did not give us the tools to know him, although he did give us the tools to think about him. God has been a man made concept to explain the unexplainable. As time has marched on and science answers more and more of our questions, the concept of God shrinks. Years ago God or Gods controlled everything - and I do mean everything. Today a lot less.

Perhaps, but then again we just don't know. To think we've figured out the universe in the short time we've been around is optimistic. Every generation has vastly overestimated their understanding. Again, consider what we would look like to someone from 1000 years in the future.

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