Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: LMAO, deja vu, pris...

skeys wrote:

pris, the scenario you describe above is almost, word for word, what has been happening with Pentax and their release of the K-5ii. And with that Pentax scenario has come almost all of the same arguments in the Pentax forum as we see in this forum. In each case, neither manufacturer gives out any advance information.

I wonder in how many other forums the same, speculative discussions are taking place.


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The situation is quite different here: the Olympus E5 (which I owned for a while) was never a really matured camera due solely to a substandard sensor at the heart of it. In addition Olympus openly debated the possibility that it might well be their last 4/3 Dslr.

The Pentax K5 on the other hand, was a very mature camera that had a few weaker points, amongst which a somewhat inconsistent AF, and a so-so rear LCD screen, but offered unrivaled IQ below FF. The Pentax K5II addressed the weaker points, and although a K3 with 24mp was expected, reception overall of the updated K5 was positive, simply because it was a stellar camera to begin with. Slowly people are starting to discover the K5IIs, that features the same updates but without AA-filter. It has absolutely top-level IQ, and is hard to improve upon. Olympus has a lót of ground to make up for, if they want to offer 4/3 lens owners a similar package for 1200,-


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