“Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

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Re: “Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

I have always though of such thing as crop factor, FF equivalent as pretty pointless unless one specify a very specific measurment that can be thus measured. like say angle of coverage, where we can say 14mm on 4/3 is equivalent to 28mm on FF. Otherwise it just won;t work. And the worst of them are the DOF equivalent. Cause DOF is not an absolute value. If I shoot a FF but print only to 8X10, and yet I shopot the same scene with 4/3 but intending to print it to say 16X20, then what I might get is that the DOF on the 4/3 be shallower , but then I am using vastly different magnification and end size ...

Any such saying of what is equivalent to what or the other way round can only be meaningful if we can have all other equal and well its almost never that way

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