Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Re: Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

Looks like a bunch of "good" Olympus cameras are coming out later this year, including the much-expected E-7 (or whatever that E camera / cameras might be), it's time to ask for some features that costs Olympus virtually nothing to implement.

There are a bunch of software gimmicks already in Olympus cameras, like the pin hole effect, etc. I am sure some people will find that fun to use sometimes, albeit rarely (I guess).

There is one gimmick I believe could be really useful to many (if not all) Olympus camera users. It's rather a simple one. As I use PC, I do not know an easy way to batch rename files. As a result, my photos are given the rather "scientific" (cryptic) file names by Olympus. Not user-friendly. I ended up naming folders with descriptive names to keep track of things as much as I can, such as "20121225_Xmax_in_Central_Park". This way, my folders are sorted in a way I like. Files in the folders of course are not nicely sorted (In Linux, files can be easily renamed using a batch command but I am using PC for photos not too smart I know).

Ideally, if Olympus can let users define photo file names, that would be great. One example naming template can be something like


That's all I need to name my photos neatly. For example, for a kid's birthday event, the photos would be named like



That's a piece of cake in software implementation, but a huge plus in organizing the photos.

Olympus, listen up, I am not going to charge you royalty for using this scheme in your cameras!

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