RX100 & HX20V/30V Movie Mode

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Re: RX100 & HX20V/30V Movie Mode

Thank you for your inputs folks. I normally don't do macro but since that was the last day I was going to have the HX20V before my friend bought it the next day, I decided to try out how well it would do on the macro and ended up making a very short film, it my first one so wasn't very good at all, but I did like how it turned out I suppose.

Anyhow, I'm still researching on the RX100 vs LX7, both cams have good IQ when it comes to pics so they're both ok there. For the low-light pics, it's still up in the air for me, some reviewers are saying that the RX100 is much better for low light pics because of the sensor size, but some are also saying that the LX7 is more or less the same since the lens is faster and won't need more ISO to achieve what the RX100 can in low light.

The other thing that matters to me is to be still be able to take good quality full 1080p60fps video, which both also do really well, just searching for more samples for comparison.

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