removing the AA filter on the a77

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Re: removing the AA filter on the a77

Luebke wrote:

If I would be in your situation I would have complained to the police long ago (1. 2 letters with reasonable deadlines to send the camera back 2. police) . Much easier, faster and cheaper than dealing with an attorney.

I'm not saying Spencer is fishy in any way because I never dealt with him myself and never heard any bad stories but your story sounds like you cannot let that happen.

The police are a criminal gang who would do nothing.  The lawyers are as bad or worse, but at least they don't "taze" you, they just clean out your wallet.  I choose to just walk away and count it as a lesson in life. The costs to my equanimity would be much greater to attempt to seek retribution and I've been gracious enough with him long enough to know that nothing outside of me getting ugly will get me my camera back, and I don't choose to be ugly.

But I couldn't help share my experience when I saw that dishonest cretin's name come up on the board.

- A.

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