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Astoria, Oregon

Early this past Saturday I was in Astoria, Oregon.  I got a chance to see fishing boats and larger ships.  Hearing the barking of sea lions prompted me to look for them.

Photo No. 1 - It was early at the Port of Astoria where I got to see large ships.  It was cold enough for me to wear my mittens.

Photo No. 2 - Also I found fishing boats.  The glow of the sunrise can be seen in the sky and water.

Photo No. 3 - The sunshine brightened the colors of the ships.  Sea lions can be seen resting and sleeping on the far right side.

Photo No. 4 - I was able to get close to these sea lions before the sun illuminated the area.  This sea lion dove in the water, swam a little and then came up to rest some.  Since it was isolated from the other sea lions, it became one of my best shots.

Photo No. 5 - Here's another one, where the sea lion looks straight at me.

Photo No. 6 - I left the barking sea lions for more things to see.  Since the sun had not completely shone on everything yet, it provided nice contrasts.

Photo No. 7 - In particular I liked this one.

Photo No. 8 - It was interesting seeing this old building on wood pilings.

Photo No. 9 - When the sun shone more, I came back to check up on the sea lions.

Photo No. 10 - The sea lions stayed together so much, that I was unable to get an isolated shot, like I did during the early morning before all of this sunshine.  Most of them appeared to be sleeping.

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