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The Story

I couldn't get the text in the right place with the picture for some reason but wanted to tell the story.

My wife saw a picture on the Animal Shelter's web page of a dog she liked the looks of.  We went to the shelter and asked to see the dog.  They took us to a pen and pulled him out and took us all to a room to "get acquainted".  He looked nothing like the picture but was a pitiful looking mess.  He had a "collar" of shame from being "fixed", a bad case of kennel cough, and had a VERY overgrown and matted coat.  My wife gave me a scheptical look, but he came over, put his paws on my knees and started licking my hand.  How could I resist?  Took him home and cut about six inches of matted fur away with scissors and brushed him out.  Had to wait a week to bath him.  Result, a diamond in the rough with a great personality and loving disposition.

Moral:  Recommend Shelter Rescue to anyone looking for a great friend and companion.  Lots of other "diamonds in the rough" there.

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