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Re: It wont work....Lost in Translation

rayman 2 wrote:

OldDigiman wrote:

facial recognition is just one of the manys things that override the system and its always in use..

This I cannot believe.

This I couldnt either but its fact since Nikon said so.. ! Its fact on both D800 and D4...

Also the camera uses the rgb sensor for biasing..its not just using the AF sensor that you select..

thats a misconception of the system...


From the USA PDF of the D800 User Guide:

Single-point AF: Select the focus point as described on page 96; the camera will focus on the subject in the selected focus point only.

I don't speak or read German. Please indicate where this Google Translation has gone wrong regarding the inclusion of Single-point AF. As I read this, you asked about Dynamic-area AF and 3D tracking. There is no mention of Single-point AF. I think it is possible to interpret Nikon's response, "Face detection is always active." to be in the context of Dynamic-area AF and 3D tracking. The Nikon statement may not have meant that face detection influences Single-point AF—it was not part of this conversation.

Hello! I have a question:. I D800 E and D4 cameras and would like to know if and when the color data (RGB data) are used by 91K sensor and when the data from the Face Recognition Is this even for dynamic measuring areas or only for dynamic measurement fields with 3D tracking or just for auto measurement fields .... From the block diagram in the D4 brochure they had to be used whenever tracking is done ... Thank you in advance xxxxxxxx

Dear Mr xxxxxxxx,
Thank you for your letter. Face detection is always active. System supports the face detection autofocus in all modes can use the Face Recognition data logically.
Dynamic-area AF with 9, 21, 51 points 3D tracking
Auto-area AF
Also in the AF-S face recognition is used to prioritize. This is in practice and especially in "auto-area AF" clearly in a messy situation when a person can be identified. The focus is then automatically sent to the person's face.
I hope I could help you with this. If you have questions, you can update this operation at any time.

Thank you very much for answering the question .... Can you answer me even if the dynamic AF mode with 9, 21.51 measuring fields, the scene identifier is involved .. This means the camera recognizes the scene and as in face recognition sets the priorities of images this scene recognition and also the color scheme ... Thank you so much xxxxxxxxx

Dear xxxxxxx,
thanks for your reply. The scene detection is indeed coupled indirectly to the autofocus, most of the work done but the RGB sensor for exposure calculation. Autofocus data, such as the distance measurement data are reversed but also for the exposure calculation use. The subject is complex and Nikon Total is also no data sheets, or more detailed information, the award be a complete picture of the logic of the scene recognition. It is, unfortunately, to information that is not specified in the document may be given for the release of people outside the house Nikon.

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