X20 Photo Gallery. Any Thoughts On Image Quality?

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Joel Stern
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Re: Why The Rush?

jimr wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

Gaze wrote:

Joel Stern,

"What kind of party it will be?" Well, from a political point of view how about a cautiously optimistic party? I'm really looking forward to getting my first Fuji camera and I sure hope it doesn't have any serious problems on its debut. The X20 looks very promising! I'm not brand loyal. I have had several point & shoots in the past; Olympus, Sony, and Panasonic but never had a Fuji. I guess it's about time right? I was very tempted to buy the Panny LX7 but I thought that there might be something better just around the corner …Fuji X20.



Your words are very encouraging to me ….thanx!


This could be the one.........

Joel...I am waiting along with you....

If you find any concrete information and/or full size sample images...I am sure that many here would be grateful for your input. I am waiting patiently. $599 is alot for me to spend on a camera...The Pentax MX -1 is interesting (with some promising full size sample images available to view) and $100 less...but is missing some key advantages that the X20 has (on paper). The Oly XZ 10 looks interesting and is more reasonably priced...but has a smaller sensor etc.. The G15 is another very good camera but it lacks a number of the X20's assets (on paper). So..on paper the X 20 is very very enticing .....Seemingly the best of the bunch in a number of key areas.

Now we need to see real world results from the new sensor, new processing engine, the new advanced hybrid AF system and the seemingly wonderful EVF

Each of these developments may be a big step forward. All of them together is really potentially a very very significant step forward. All potential advances over the X 10 and the other cameras mentioned....

Potentially is the key word....

Waiting...patiently.....or at least trying to...


jimr, there are few cameras that turn me on today, the X100 and maybe s might...the X20 I want it too. The X trans sensor is a puzzle with RAW but has so many advantages but we don't know what it will do in a smaller size than APS-c. The Pentax was  written up as not having the UI of Ricoh (too bad for that, it could have been a GX300 if it did). The Oly, well I hate their menu's, they just make me nuts. The E-X1 which I almost owned was great but with the zoom too big (so maybe I am waiting for some lenses to come out, very possibly and the 100 still has my eye). So yes, I seem to be permanently sitting on that fence. Now if the Canon G1X were a bit thinner and lighter then it might be a contender but then I would have to research it as I have avoided doing because it is not a comfortable camera to hold. Before buying that the EX would be here in a flash with 2 primes. The EVF on the EX is very nice, if it is as nice on the X20 (yes smaller and no historgram, too bad) but if it is as nice in other ways that is a good things and the Q button is very nice to have...we just need user images now and reports.

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