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Re: Fly in the ointment...

Klaus dk wrote:

While I wholeheartedly agree with the other (male) posters about the very favourable looks of the young females, I feel I must add a single fly to the ointment:

As far as I can see, picture #2 shows an asymmetry of the face which could have been made less visible with a different pose and lighting. I am sure her personality outshines it when she is seen live, but it is IMHO the photographer's duty to notice such imperfections and find a way to conceal them or at least make them less obvious. Even though showing the girl's very attractive body did a lot in that regard, it was not totally successfull.

Yes, I see that technique applied very well by the photographer of your avatar.  They hid your imperfections very well by putting half of your face in deep shadow.  Thank you.

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