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Re: Curious behaviour

I find it good for the focus and recompose method of shooting, because this way you do not have to hold the AF-ON button down while recomposing. It is enough when you confirm the focus first, and then you can release the AF-ON button, recompose and shoot.

Some time ago, I had made a suggestion to Nikon to add a new programmable functionality for the AF-ON button as follows:

At the moment, one has to keep pressing the AF-ON button to keep the focus. It would be more convenient in some situations to have a Hold function to the AF-ON button.

In the proposed “AF-ON(Hold)” mode, the focus locks when the AF-ON button is pressed, and remains locked until the AF-ON button is pressed a second time. This is similar to the setting of “AE lock (Hold)” function of the AE-L/AF-L button.

This feature is useful in certain situations.

Of course this might be confusing if you forgot that you have your camera set to AF-ON focusing. You press the shutter, camera fires and you get OOF images.

The same applies to setting the AE-L/AF-L button to the “AE lock (Hold)” mode. One may forget the locking of the exposure and get under/over exposure. One has to deal with one's mistake. the most important thing is to offer more programmable functions for the user to select. It does not hurt.

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