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Re: The only thing that would stop me from buying a D4x...

Geomaticsman wrote:

...is if Canon release a high resolution/high speed 1DXs first.

I really like the idea of a high resolution/high'ish speed camera in a pro body.

But what bothers me is the ever widening lead in Canon lenses. For the moment I'm happy with Nikon sensors/bodies, but not with their glacially slow lens development. If Canon close the sensor performance gap, for me, it's game over Nikon.

Thom's nicely summarized my concerns regarding lenses today...


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What lenses? You need to be more specific.

I would have thought that it was the other way around and Nikon had the lead in shorter focal lengths. The only things where I prefer the Canon equivalents in this range that come to mind are:

  • 85 1.2L
  • 8-16mm fisheye
  • 17 and 24 TS-Es
  • 24-70 2.8L II (but the Nikon is pretty darn good)

There is no cheap FX kit zoom like the 24-85 VR in the Canon lineup - pretty big hole if you are selling entry level FX I would think.

Apart from this what is better? Where Canon do have a lead is affordable telephoto options:

  • 100-400 4.5-5.6L IS USM
  • 135/2 L USM
  • 200/2.8 L USM
  • 300/4 L IS USM
  • 400/5.6 L USM

However, with the exception of the 135/2 and 200/2.8 they are very dated designs with no sign of any updates. The IS versions (and only two of them are even equipped with iS) feature ancient two stop IS - better than nothing but not nearly as good as anything from even 5 years ago.

They both seem to have decided to stop updating affordable telephoto options, probably to encourage people to purchase the more expensive super telephoto lenses. When they did this a decade ago Canon just happened to have better lenses in this range (particularly with USM) but they are still well due for an update.

Don't know about the exotic telephotos but unless you're going to buy them it doesn't make a difference.

So apart from what is above, what is better on the other side? Mind you, were I a sports or wildlife shooter on a budget life on the other side looks comparatively attractive.

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