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Re: Please everyone - let's keep our forum polite

RaajS wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

I would like to ask everyone please to make an effort to keep the levels of dialogue in our forum at a polite level. The purpose of a forum is not to agree on everything, but to exchange ideas, experiences and to challenge ourselves to become better through interaction.

For me personally it is the only place on the internet where I post any thoughts or photos, and that is because of the level and quality of the forum. I would not want to lose that.

Misha is challenging us to understand his art. Some may decide it is not worth it, some may see it as a puzzle that needs to be solved, some may see some great value in it. It is all subjective, there is no need to have extremely strong negative feelings about it...

And Misha, please communicate more. You only reply to negative comments...

Best, D

Kostas, it's obvious from reading these threads that forum regulars are not engaged in anything but polite dialog, so were you asking Misha to be polite, because of his swearing? If so please be very explicit.

And sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar....



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Yes, because that is unacceptable. But some of the other members (that I do not think are so regular) have started making some snide comments about Misha's posts which are a bit too much (for me)

Anyway, I was trying not to be specific in order to talk in terms of our forum's values. I have been a bit sad by Gianluca's announcement, I do not want any other members to stop posting...

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