I sometimes wonder

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Nigel Wilkins
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Re: I sometimes wonder

I agree with pretty much everything you say.  I've also had several photos published & sold large prints & all of them, without exception could've been made with my old 8 megapixel 20D (some were in fact).

Personally, my excuse for spending the extra on full frame was for shallower depth of field & a better selection of specialist lenses (24mm TS-E, 85mm f1.2 etc.).  After that, ease of use brought about by the addition of live view & now wifi for remote live view.  These are things rarely discussed here, & which are much more useful for obtaining quality in certain types of photography (landscapes for me) than a mere doubling of pixel count.

That said, it is always nice to have the spare noise-free pixels should you find the need to crop once in a while, but as you say, not for the kind of money that's being spent.

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