I sometimes wonder

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Hi ultradan. I have written my opinion on this very topic on here a couple of times, but I will tell it again if I may. For a start, I can't go back 10yrs as I only took up photography about 16 months ago. When I was looking for my first camera in, I think it was Sept. 2011, I did not know about DPR or any other photographic forum. The shop manager of my local Jessops told me about it, & I signed up in Feb 2012. I have since had communication with many very nice friendly people who take the time to help myself & others out, as well as just chatting in PM's. Now, I am certain that if I had been a forum member before I bought my camera & other gear, I would have been totally confused by all the different opinions, based on 100% crops, corner sharpness, diffraction, fringing, saturation, sensor types, No of MP's, AF performance, stabilization, f/No's, fps, to name but a few. Then there's Canon v Nikon v Sony etc, etc. It could have been a nightmare. Instead, I went with an open mind, & chose my gear based on instinct. I went to john Lewis, who don't have a great selection anyway, & bought my camera the same day as I decided I wanted one. I bought a 600D Canon. I did end up getting a new one 5 months ago,[7D] but that was because I have an arthritic condition, & my hands & fingers were having trouble locating some of the controls on the 600D. The 7D is perfect, & SO much easier for me to use. I will continue to enjoy my time on the DPR forums. I may need help with a lens upgrade soon!!! lol. Sorry for the length of this monologue.

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