X100 adapter and hood or something else?

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Re: X100 adapter and hood or something else?


While I´m waiting to order the X100, I´m going crazy trying to understand what is the best solution to keep the lens as protected as possible.

The "problem" is, I don´t want any filter in front of the lens. I know you will advice me against dust and so on, but still I refuse to use one.

Still, dust aside, I want it protected against other dangers. Plus I´m worried about vignetting so not any solution will do.

I feel that the hood adapter and hood, without a filter, exposes the lens too much.

So my question to you is what simple solutions and inexpensive ones do I have to protect the lens, without vignetting problems?

I believe if we take the lens ring, it exposes a 49mm Male thread, correct? So, sorry for my ignorance here, but what options from here?

Thank you very much for your advice, time and kindness!



I anguished over this too and then had to ask myself how many lenses have I damaged over the years? None. How many lens risky situations do I get myself into? None. So I don't use a filter or anything else to protect the lens other than my own judgement and sense of caution. That said I keep the camera in its case when not in use and always carry a lens rag when I'm using it. Oh and I never handle it without the strap being around my neck.

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