Looking for a reliable replacement for a D200, asking for opinions...

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Re: Looking for a reliable replacement for a D200, asking for opinions...

I started with a D200 around 2005. I moved up to a D3 in 2008 and have not regretted the move.

The D200 could be used reasonably up to ISO 400 with excursions to 800 occasionally. 1600 was rare for me. With the D3 ISO 800 was my normal setting (except in bright sunlight) and excursions to 3200 were fairly frequent. 6400 occasionally.

My photography is fairly eclectic, with a lot of work outdoors, but also a lot indoors. Once I got the D3, the indoor work became more of a focus since the capability was there. I should note that even using flash, moderately high ISO is useful. Since the flash can loaf at low power, you can use bursts. This makes it possible to avoid blinkers in group shots.

If you do mostly outdoor or studio work, the D200 is still up to the job. I kept mine and use it a lot for my "studio" work. But having high ISO capability makes the camera much more flexible.

The D7000 has a fairly good reputation for work at high ISO. I've never used one, so I can't confirm that.

One good thing about FX is the lens lineup. I used the 17-55 and the 70-200 on DX, but now I have 14-24-70-200 at f/2.8, all great lenses. I also have the 28-300 for FX.

When I got the D200 I got an 18-200, which I thought was great until I got the 17-55. Then I realized the images were a bit soft so I pretty much quit using it. The 28-300 is the FX equivalent of that lens, except that the images on FX are not soft. They may not quite match the 24-70-20 image quality, but they come close enough for 90% of my shots. And the flexibility of that lens makes lots of things possible. It's not as fast as the 24-70-200, but high ISO capability makes up for that lack.

Can you get along without high ISO capability? Sure, some people can. But having the capability will widen your possibilities and could even shift your photographic focus.

D7000 and you can use all your old lenses.

D700. D3. D3S and you may have to upgrade some lenses, depending on what you have.

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