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Steve Bingham
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Would these help?

Geomaticsman wrote:

...is if Canon release a high resolution/high speed 1DXs first.

I really like the idea of a high resolution/high'ish speed camera in a pro body.

But what bothers me is the ever widening lead in Canon lenses. For the moment I'm happy with Nikon sensors/bodies, but not with their glacially slow lens development. If Canon close the sensor performance gap, for me, it's game over Nikon.

Thom's nicely summarized my concerns regarding lenses today...


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Yeah, Thom's a little upset with Nikon. It started a little over a year ago. But he is correct, Nikon needs to crank out some more lenses. That said, lets see what excellent glass is available that is relatively new:

1- 24mm f1.4 . . . excellent and new

2- 28mm f1.4 . . . excellent and new

3- 35mm f1.4 . . . excellent and new. Sigma or Nikon. Sigma wins this one!

4- 50mm f1.4 or f1.8 . . . I believe the 1.8 to be sharper and a better bargain

5- 85mm f1.4G . . . excellent and new

6- 70-200 f4 . . . excellent and new

7- 2 new PC lenses

8- A monster 800mm f5.6 tele

9- New zoom, 18-35

10 Fairly recent 16-35 f4

11- And many that are only 2-3 years old, like the 200mm f2

I am sure I have left out someone's favorite, but this is an awful lot of relatively new glass. Now if dpreview could just review a few more!!!

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