Wide angles? What's the deal?

Started Feb 3, 2013 | Questions thread
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24 mm TSE or 24 mm f/1.4

G7D wrote:

Okay so i've got a Canon 7D and looking in the future to upgrade to FF

Looking at 17-40 so I don't have to change lenses when i go FF but no IS and is it wide enough i don't know.

So my question is what's the best? I don't want to spend loads and the 16-35 isn't amazing for the price, so what should i get? what's coming out?

preferably i want a walk around lens but for wide-angle/landscapes etc but i want to quality - I have the 18-135 IS and want something much better quality.

Canon 7D

100mm macro L IS USM 2.8

18-135mm IS 3.5-5.6

If you want the best wide angle lens, it won't have IS nor will it zoom.

For landscapes, a TSE can often be very helpful.  Most people won't use a fast aperture very often in landscape photography, which is great because the photos that need one wind up looking pretty unique.

Two of the following three images were shot at f/1.4 and the other at f/2.

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