Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

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Re: Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

mswlogo wrote:

It has nothing to do with AF-C.

Note that on high frame rate (10 FPS) it does NOT Refocus and most SLR's "Frame Rate" is a rate stated WITH refocusing.

If you set it to the slower MultiShot mode the FPS WITH refocusing is about 1 FPS. Which is too slow for any kind of action shot.

If you use one of the adapters to a standard lens it will not use contrast focusing but I don't know how that impacts the refocusing frame rate.

It's a compromise for a compact size AF-C camera.

This is how Nex-7 is, I assume Nex-6 is the same in this regard.

Wow this is a HUGE caveat I wish more knew of this including myself. Does anyone know if EA2 solves this? I know it has faster AF but doesn't have AF in between multishot?

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