RX1 and RX100: side-by-side low ISO still life photos

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Re: RX1 and RX100: side-by-side low ISO still life photos

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I always prefer to own top of the line in whatever category, but I ask myself is the RX1 photo worth over 2K more than the RX100 photo.

Frankly, I ask myself the same question every now and then. I bought the RX1, busted it, then got the RX100 to use until the RX1 was repaired. At this point -- I clearly like the low-light benefits of the RX1, the bokeh, and shallower DOF -- but if I had the RX100 and didn't have the cash for the RX1, I think I would be pretty happy with the results most of the time!

I bought the RX1 less than a week ago after having the RX100 for several months and I feel much the same way (so far). Yes, I can see that the RX1 produces superior images, especially in side-by-side comparisons, but the RX100 is just so good it does make me wonder if the price differential is worth it. [Of course, it's still early days for me, so I may become obsessed with the RX1, but it's not happening yet]

Well, as far as price is concerned: Consider an audio hifi system:

good sound: $1000

very good sound: $3000

excellent sound: $12500

high end (best available sound): $70000

You will not hear much difference when listening to the excellent or the high end system. This is due to the fact that with increasing quality you must invest exponentially more work to achieve something better. Many people will not hear any difference between a $12000 and a $70000 system. The same is true for the RX100 and the RX1.

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