OVF versus EVF in the X Pro1

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Re: OVF versus EVF in the X Pro1

I don´t have a strong preference for one or the other, it just depends on the type of shot.

I´m used to using film rangefinders (Voigtlander Bessa and Hasselblad Xpan) so the idea of composing with frame lines is something I´m quite used to.  When I´m hunting for the best angle I tend to use the OVF to decide on the best shot then switch to EVF for critical framing.

In bright sun or if I need to predict the action (something about to move into frame) I use OVF.  For close up shots and with the 60mm generally, I use EVF.

Tripod stuff I use the screen.

So it´s not either/or.  It´s about the versatility that multiple viewfinder types offer.Essentially the X Pro has a camera which allows some of the advantages of a TTL SLR, a rangefinder and a view camera in one piece of equipment.  It´s one of the things I love about it (plus the manual controls and image quality, colour rendition...).

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