Any portrait studio (fashion) shot samples for 5D markiii?

Started Feb 3, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Why?

hinewwiner wrote:

kevindar wrote:

what is it that you are trying to figure out exactly here?

I have been using 5Dc (original one) for about 6 years and I need to upgrade. (It's falling apart..)

I thought 5Dmk3 makes sense as a upgrade, but I haven't seen photo on internet that convinces my decision. (Not that images are bad.. but I was not able to find good ones. Many photos I saw was shot of a non-portrait (photos that only show how great the images are at high ISO.) I am sure 5Dmk3 have much better AF, resolution, image quality etc.. but I just wanted to see more photos before I make a decision.

Thank you!

I don't have an samples, but you might want to ask around on model mayhem to find shooters there that use it.  But I got to tell you I just got my Mark III last week and did my first fashion shoot with it yesterday on the beach.  Not studio I know, but I can say I'm totally pleased with my purchase.  You coming from a Mark I, I think will be even more impressed.  I previously owned the Mark I and II, and the camera is a vast improvement over the Mark II.  I shoot into the sun a lot when working with models in natural light, and the Mark III makes it a breeze, where I always struggled with the Mk II.  To me the major improvements are in the functionality of the camera and not the image per se.  This camera is just a lot more efficient and easier to use.

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