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Re: If your D800 doesnt cut it...

Reimar Gaertner wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

If your D800 doesnt cut it... spend it on a good book !

Some of the user base dont know how its AF system works.... and I dont think of those that

have real issues with the outer left AF point.....


No need for insults.

I'm not a retard - I'm a full-time photographer who knows how AF systems work. In my opinion, even with the required +17 AF fine tune setting my camera now needs, AF consistency is just not reliable in any of the outer AF points. Even the center ones occasionally inexplicably miss. I think Nikon can do better.

I wasnt pointing at you   just  ponting at the D800 cant do it thing.... but we get some questions in the forum that show the

lack of knowledge of how the system works.......

Nikon not even discloses properly how it works....

The problem is that focus accuracy cant be tested the way that most people do it because

the focus points are not the ones that the camera uses and biases to in the end.....

AF system is very complex.....

So I did not want to insult anybody...... !


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