AF-ON with AFS

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Re: Duh!

amobi wrote:

rubank wrote:

Manual focus is a feature of the lens, it has nothing to do with the camera body.

Focus priority presumes that the AF system is activated.

Any more silly suggestions?

It looks like you want the camera to perform magic for you. What you described earlier about focusing on a model eye is exactly what one should expect when in AF-S. If you don't want to get out of focus shot put in AF-C with single point aimed at the model eye and hold down the AF-ON button. If the model move you track her movement and continue focusing on her eye. Why is that so hard to do. You guys want the camera to think for you.

When in AF-S and you focus on the model eye and if she moves out of focus and you fire. Duh! Of course you will get out of focus image. You only have yourself to blame. I honestly wouldn't want the camera to behave any other way.

Thank you very much for trying to educate me, but unfortunately it is absolutely unnecessary.

I know how to handle my camera in various situations, thank you very much.

The respons you refer to was an example just to show that what was stated, and I responded to, was not correct. It does of course not mean that I would actually use that method under the circumstances described, for obvious reasons.

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