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bluestreakrem wrote:

Can anyone recommend a video or webinar tutoral they have seen that explains basic down loading of digital pics to a computer and how to file/organize and post process them?

I need to get a handle on how to do this. I'm not very proficent with computers and would like to learn any "tricks" as to how to work with pic files. My pics are fairly flat and boring looking when I shoot them in Jpeg. When I alter them with Zoom XBrowser, it makes them look much better. Is this the program I should be using to download pics? I assume I should be altering the camera settings (saturation, sharpness, contrast, ect...) to get a better looking basic picture at capture? I need to learn more about how changing setting affects the pics. It seems I always want to raise the saturation to a minimum of 25% to make the colors "pop" more.

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 37: Post Production Workflow Part 1

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 38: Post Production Workflow Part 2

These videos talk about using Adobe Lightroom 3 for the file management. Many of the same concepts can be used with Canon's DPP.

What program should I be using to down load pics from my card reader? Zoom X Brouser? Utilites? DDP?....ect.

I don't have any afternmarket software other EOS programs. I use to shoot film back in the 70's so I understand composition and basic picture taking procedures, but I don't know much at all about how to correctly down load them, work and manipulate the endless settings the 7D offers to alter the pic quality.

Canon Digital Photo Professional can do 80% of what Adobe Lightroom can do. I use DPP because I am familiar with computer file management and I don't need Lightroom to manage the files for me. There are a few other advantages to Lightroom, like being able to paint settings. But, most of my work is done in DPP as getting the photos posted quickly for sale, is most important. Once a photo is purchased I may use other tools if needed.

Last weekend I shot about 800 pics of my brothers bike race and I only have about 5% that I feel are keepers. The 7D is complicated and I get frustrated with it's complexity, but I'm willing and I want to learn how to use it and basic digital pic taking techniques and processes, so I'm looking for suggestions where to start the right way of learning how to do it. It's a great feeling when I get it all right and pics look awesome at time of capture. Problem is, it's hard for me to understand why sometimes they come out so good and other times they don't when (to me) little if nothing changed as to how I pulled the trigger. Durring the race, on a bright sunny day, backgrounds were blown and over exposed at the same time shadows were under exposed and lacked detail in most pics. How do I get a more balanced exposure across the entire image? I was using spot metering most of the time.

Don't use spot metering, unless you are using it to set your settings in full manual mode.

Use Canon's Evaluative Metering and exposure compensation if needed instead.

. I agree with the ETTR process but how much should I over expose?I

Use the histogram, you are moving the histogram to the right.

Usually, you just want a couple small highlight alert blinkies on the photo (turn on the exposure alert)

I set my 7D up for back button focusing because I think the procedure makes sence so...........Am I suppose to press and hold the back button focus button down the entire time I'm shooting rapid fire or will the 7D track and maintain focus (using AI Servo) once the shutter is released.

Yes, when using back button focus, and AI Servo you need to keep the back button pressed in order for to continue to focus.

This is the reason I do not use back button focus, but, instead have the AF ON button, programmed to temporary turn AF OFF if I see something entering the view finder that I don't want to focus on. i.e. Referee

My problem is that I'm just not educated on digital picture taking and profecient with the 7D yet, so I need to be exposed to good tutorials on it. I now realize the 7D is more than what I (a begginer to digital photography should be using) but I willing to stick with it and learn.

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