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Lifer wrote:

If a pro DX shooter was looking for an upgrade, I don't think paying $7,000.00 plus dollars for a D4x would be the way to do it. Consider the "pro DX" D300s is only $1700.00 dollars. A little overkill costs wise don't you think. Only for those with very, very deep pockets.

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Richard R. Price

If a 36 MP D4x could manage 6 fps in FX, 7 fps in 1.2x crop mode and 8 fps in DX mode with a XQD card, a large buffer, a new or improved AF system and the D4 ergonomics it would be very close to a combined D4 and DX D400 in one luxury package.

Remember that the D2x and the D3 did cost the same at introduction. The D2x did 5 fps in DX and 8 fps in HS crop mode while the D3 did 9 fps with AF in both FX and DX mode.

An integrated pro FX and pro DX body would be worth a lot. The D300(s) is no more pro than the D800(E) is compared to the D2, D3 and D4 series.

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