NEX-6 lens blackout/reset bug

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Re: NEX-6 lens blackout/reset bug

kaku wrote:

thetodd34 wrote:

think of it another way -- as the jostling of the contacts gets worse, the problem will eventually become more noticeable.

it's just difficult for me considering my wife is giving birth in about 3 days, and i figure i should probably have a camera around for this time of our life

But it still doesn't make sense for legacy glass because there's no contacts.

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! Send the camera *after* the baby?

oh i wasn't saying this ever happened on legacy glass. i'm just saying, if you don't enable the option in setup to "Release w/o lens", then the camera won't let you take any pictures, because it thinks there's no lens attached (or at least, no recognizable lens).

for example, the problem the original poster here was having:

got off the phone with sony. very nice -- they are going to arrange to send me a loaner while my nex6 is being serviced.

i'm pretty sure the contacts are the problem. well, i'd like to think i'm pretty sure. i will be a little heartbroken if they service the camera, and upon return, the issue remains ...

now the other side issue -- last time i sent the camera in for service, they removed my glass LCD protector .. setting me back $15. i fear they may do that again  

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